tirsdag 31. august 2010

Iben du skjønne

From "Røde hunder".
From "Røde hunder".
From "Røde hunder".
From "sov godt pus".

One of the reasons i became an illustrator was because of Iben Sandemose. A brilliant Norwegian illustrator and author. For me, her illustrative style is one of my biggest all time inspirations, and she still amazes me. She also looks exceptionally good for her age too, reaching almost 60 years old. I want to look like that when i hit that age. A wonderful woman.
I am lucky to have two of her childrenbooks (sadly only in norwegian):
"Røde Hunder" and "Sov godt pus".
They do sell some of her other childrenbooks on amazon, but i can´t find these two in any international online bookshops unfornuately, but if you are intrested i could always ship it over from Norway. please contact me for more info. i will be glad to help.

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