mandag 30. november 2009

fashion muses

Gwyneth Paltrow. Amazing woman with amazing taste in clothes. Not to mention her flawless hair.

Kate Bosworth. Classic. masculine yet sexy. Minimalistic and just perfect.
Rachel Bilson. Never seen her in any movies or tv shows. She might not even be a talented actress for all i know, but who cares, the girl is a style icon. Bless her.

tirsdag 24. november 2009

The english rose

Keira Knightley is one of my muses in fashion. I love how she mixed styles with a more masculine look, to the super feminine and classic. Not to mention her new fringe. love it girl.

graphic futurism

The fashion designer Gareth Pugh has cought my eye. There is something about his assymtric and his symmetric design that fascinates me. The clothes are all pieces of art. Like sculptures. The dresses almost look like their made out of paper. What a craftsman.
Also Love the Helmut Lang dress. Great lines and shape. whoaw!

style solutions

Gotta get my hands on this fab Tykho radio, from the online design shop uk, if i could only chose which color. i want them all!

moletamunro shop

Here are some of my fave design from the online shop moletamunro

Last november 2008, i went to Edinburgh for the first time, and i stumbled across this amazing design shop called; "moletamunro" at 4 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh. It has an online shop, and i just would love to buy everything there.
The shop owner was so sweet too. I was lucky to walk away with a porclain Tord Boontje dish. Stunning piece of art.

mandag 23. november 2009

pamela love

Pamela Love is my new obsession. If only i could afford her jewelry...*sigh*, but then again, her jewelry is worth every penny, if you can afford it, cos her work is amazing. I just recently discovered the dark, mysteriouse and odd world of Pamela Love, and it fascinates me. Its the kind of jewelry you will never want to take off. Its kind of morbid an creepy yet so fashionably cool.
She even made a series of exclusive jewelry for the opening ceremony "where the wild things are". Amazing!

David Hockney my hero

David Hockney- one of my fave artist of all time, has made some fantastic paintings, inspired by East Yorkshire landscapes for Tate Modern in London. I cant belive that i missed out on these masterpieces for so many years.
I wish he would decorate my house, and i would be forever grateful. This man can draw anything from luxuriouse los angeles pools to british woods, and still manages to be cool and contemporary.
David Hockney is arguably the most versatile and popular British artist of the 20th century.