søndag 24. april 2011

Ingela Parrhenius

i love the swedish and scandinavian 50´s - 60´s style, and the other day i came across the work by this swedish illustrator named ingela parrhenius. Great work!

teapot inspiration

Arabia Finland

Here is a small selection of beautiful teapots.

lørdag 23. april 2011

retro teak

I am currently obsessed with great retro teak designs such as chairs and mirrors. Here are just a small selection of the kind of teak designs i want in my house.

Muse of the day: Lisa Ekdahl

I love jazz music and i love the romantic feel of Paris.
I came across some pictures of Swedish jazz musician; Lisa Ekdahl and i just think she looks stunning. The new Edith Piaf ?
She realy inspires me to wear more romantic and feminine clothes. I need to get a beret quick:-)

amanda seyfried

There is something about Amanda Seyfried that fascinates me. I have not seen her in any movies yet, but she has a stunning face. I saw these pictures from elle yesterday. Those eyes are amazing. wow! The new catwoman.
Pictures: Elle.

Last purchase

I found this vintage teak newspaper stand yesterday on epla (a norwegian etsy version) and im soooo pleased with my purchase. Love it!