tirsdag 31. august 2010

Iben du skjønne

From "Røde hunder".
From "Røde hunder".
From "Røde hunder".
From "sov godt pus".

One of the reasons i became an illustrator was because of Iben Sandemose. A brilliant Norwegian illustrator and author. For me, her illustrative style is one of my biggest all time inspirations, and she still amazes me. She also looks exceptionally good for her age too, reaching almost 60 years old. I want to look like that when i hit that age. A wonderful woman.
I am lucky to have two of her childrenbooks (sadly only in norwegian):
"Røde Hunder" and "Sov godt pus".
They do sell some of her other childrenbooks on amazon, but i can´t find these two in any international online bookshops unfornuately, but if you are intrested i could always ship it over from Norway. please contact me for more info. i will be glad to help.

søndag 29. august 2010


I ♥ littlephant.
If i had childen i would decorate their rooms with prints from Littlephant. Fun and playful elephants in all shapes and forms. The designer behind this brand is Camilla Lundsten. Please visit her website here.

swedish lovlieness

Maria Dahlgren
Maria Dahlgren

I am scandinavian. I love scandinavian design. There is much truth in the fact that your backround and enviroment shapes who you are and your taste as an adult. i love modern minimalism. The clean shapes and the gentle cold colors. Its in our blood and in our genes. I am proud to be scandinavian. One of my fellow scandinavian blood sisters is Maria Dahlgren. I saw her work one day at the online shop
What an inspiration!
Almedahl is also one of my favourite designer companies from Sweden.

Most stylish man

I love a man who can dress!
Nothing more sexy than a man who knows style and has the confidance to be diffrent. I imediately thought of Vincent Gallo. In one of my top 3 films of all time, Buffalo 66, he wore the most insanely cool lipstick red boots, skinny jeans and a black leather jacket. It was one of the most memorable moments of the filmhistory. Definitely one stylish man. Unforgettable!

One other man with style is the late Serge Gainsbourg. I remember i didn`t know much about this man, but when i saw the music video with Jane Birkin "Je tàime..moi non plus", i thought...wow what a man! He looks amazing with his skinny fit tailored black suit, long scruffy hair, and with a smoke in his hand. His looks are quirky which makes him even more fascinating.

Is there anyone you would like to mention? anyone you think deserve to be called stylish? :)

♥ Charley Harper ♥

I ♥ Charley Harper!

Charley Harper (August 4, 1922 - June 10, 2007) was a Cincinnati-based American Modernist artist. He was best known for his highly stylized wildlife prints, posters and book illustrations.

I know i have made it clear that i love birds. Charley harper´s birds are still modern and stunning today, which is quite an achievement to do. I do admit i was abit late to discover his work. I first saw it in a art and design bookstore/café in Edinburgh 2009, and now it has become an obsession. My dear sister gave me book " Charley Harper, An illustrated life" by Todd Oldham, for my birthday this year. Ain´t i lucky:) :) i am indeed one proud owner. Thank you Ina!

marimekko craze

So you might know by now that i am a marimekko fan. I am trying to save up all my money to buy their products and yesterday i purchased 4 of their "In good company Siirtolapuutarha 20 cm" plate. Don´t you just love them?
Those simple circle doodles are just perfect. They are expensive yes, so i have to wait a few months to buy the complete set, but its worth waiting for.
Did you see that marimekko has a new contest out this month. Take a picture of yourself with a marimekko print and win marimekko products worth 1,000 euros. Go to their official website and join the marimekko tribe. Here is my picture. Fingers cross i win:) :) why dont you post your entry photo here. id love to see what you have come up with!

Donna Wilson

Another fantastic artist is Donna Wilson. My god does she make great design! I would get kids just so that i could buy all those cute toys. I might have to buy them anyway (haha). Her designs reminds me alot of the minimalistic japanise artistic style. Its simplistic,playful, childlike and imaginative. She does not portray a bird as a realistic bird, but plays around with their shapes and creates something abstract in a way. She creates anything from stationary, cushions, to those amazing pouffes. My favourite though has to be the Rosie bird toy. The pink fantasy bird. The perfect gift for a little girl. You can buy her products from her website, so to get going:)
(all pictures from Donna Wilson´s website)

Alice`s wonderland

As an inspiration to my own illustration projects, i got inspired by british illustrator Alice Melvin. I love her birds. just look at those incredable patterns and colors. it reminds me of the work by one of my fave artists of all time, Charley Harper, but this is almost better. The details are stunning. You can buy some of her prints from her website
Alice Melvin.
She also has these amazing cut out birds. I especially like the brown one from this website: Pinterest, but one of my favourite pieces, is the green and red teatowel print she did for a japanise company called SRG. i gotta have it.