torsdag 16. september 2010

pretty house lamp

love this gorgeouse white house lamp from a design called Patrick H. Couldn´t find their website, but it comes from a shop called I bought it the other day and i love it. Fits perfectly in my kitchen window.

torsdag 9. september 2010

Majia louekari

i just love the newest marimekko designs, so i decided i wanted to know who was behind all those fantastic illustrations and prints, and so she had a name: Maija Louekari.
i mean what an artistic genius! i realy admire her. We also share a quite similar illustrative style. We both make black and white illustrations with a gentle touch of color.

fredag 3. september 2010

cuckoo bello

i want a new watch for our kitchen. I am litterally feasting my eyes on this one called Cuckoo Bello from a shop called Bolia in Norway. i cant figure out if i want the white or the black one though, but i think it will be the white one. So i gotta start saving up now. The price is daunting: 1899 NOK, which is approx 200 pounds.

onsdag 1. september 2010

Stine goya necklace

I have to get rich and i need to get rich now, so that i can buy everything that stine goya makes.
I have got my eyes on this necklace of hers. aint it pretty?

whistles heaven

AW10 look book collection by Whistles. all pictures by: whistles
AW10 look book collection by Whistles. all pictures by: whistles

all pictures by: whistles

Earlier this year i found this amazing black wool cape coat in a Notting hill vintage shop, and it was from a brand called Whistles. Their online shop is stacked with the lovliest dresses and clothes. Too bad they are way too expensive for me, but you cant stop a woman from dreaming about clothes, now can you?