onsdag 17. november 2010

christmas ornaments

i ♥ the Norwegian Arne and Carlos christmas ornaments. Look at these fabulous knitted christmas tree oraments. im getting their book "julekuler" ("christmas ornaments") for xmas. I will learn how to knit them myself. Genius!

picture stills from NRK. You can also see clips on youtube

mandag 15. november 2010

painted love


Stine Goya

love these watercolor paint-like printed dresses, esp the one with the obi belt. lovely.
Here are some favorites!

lørdag 13. november 2010

pistol love

i never thought id ever say the word, but i ♥ ACNE, and the one thing on my list of "what to get", is the acne pistol short boots.OMG...they are pure perfection! just look at them.

Blanca Gómez prints

i love prints. I HAVE to get myself these prints asap. these prints sell out real fast so make sure you get yourself one of these before its too late. I know i sure will!
You can get them here and the artist is Blanca Gómez from Spain.

Topshop knits

My latest purchase. A new beautiful cardigan from Topshop. Cant wait to wear it. ♥

tirsdag 2. november 2010

Alexis Bittar

Not a big fan of too much glitter and colors. I am a minimalistic to the very core. Most of Alexis Bittar´s jewelry designs would fit someone like Alexis from the Dynasty better then me, but i realy love these fab coctail rings. Go to his website here: Alexis Bittar.

mandag 1. november 2010

Mociun jewelry ♥ ♥

One other fab designer label (way expensive though!!) is Mociun.
Go to their website here.
i love their jewelry.
All pictures from their website.

i ♥ Beklina.com

Design: Lina Rennell.
100% organic wool cotton crepe knit blend with grey triangle print. $340

Design: Rachel Comey.
Black print on cream silk & wool blend. $310

The online shop Beklina is my latest obsession. The prices there are way abowe my money budget, but nothing can keep a girl from dreaming about beautiful things.
These are my favorite.
All pictures from the website of Beklina.

blog favorites

lena corwin

i have wanted to blog about my favourite bloggers. I have many, which i will blog about later, but my all time favorites are:

Lena Corwin


Enjoy the wonderful lives of these beautiful people. Such colorful individuals.
Reading their blogs gets me through the day. Thank you

all pictures: from their websites.

new shop discovery

Always surfing the net for unique clothes and online shops. So this is the one i found today:
There is esp two lovely items im dying to get. Sadly my favorite, the dusty rose blouse, is out of stock. just my luck! The price is not bad either. Apparently it is made by the label The line and dot, but they dont seem to have more in stock either....! thelineanddot
The top reminds me of Miranda July´s style in "me, you and everyone we know". Lovin it!

all pictures from the fancyfrenchcologne website.