søndag 27. mars 2011

le cinéma francais

The french movie A boet de souffle ( BREATHLESS) is such an inspiration to fashion, style, Paris and great filmmaking. The cool jazz music, the french striped top, gangster hats, tailormade tweed suits, and fabulous hair. Even smoking looks cool. A visual feast for the eyes.

torsdag 17. mars 2011

Jim Datz

Today i purchased a print poster from Jim Datz. A map over London. Pretty eh?
He have also designed a map over manhattan. Go to the website: Three potato four ( prints) and get it for a decent price. I have noticed that other online shops sell it for alot more, so hurry get one quick.

onsdag 16. mars 2011

wooden characters

I like the wooden pieces by designer Karl Zahn esp the lama:) Buy it here.

Heather Keiko

Never thought i could adore felt this much, but look how the jewelry designer Heather Keiko has used felt material to complete beautiful jewelry collections. I want one of these!
You can buy it here.

vintage lost vintage found

Nothing like a good vintage find on etsy:) Great vintage leather bag for spring! ♥

pretty nice things

Mexican owl pottery.
Unknown. Scandinavian pottery.
Arabia Finland mug

fredag 11. mars 2011

tea pot delight

I posted earlier about the marimekko tea pot i wanted, and here it is:
VOILA! i have already used it several times since it`s arrival. Love it till pieces, and
nothing is better then a toasted slice of bread with jam, and a nice cuppa tea:-)

My reptil collection

As the true Lindberg fan that i am, i finally got started on my very own stig lindberg porcelain and ceramic collection. The first two additions to my collection, are a white reptil decoration plate and a reptil vase. ahh...feels realy good to have these in my house:-)

stig lindberg

"Tusenkonstnären- Stig Lindberg" by Gisela Eronn.
A lovely book i purchased a month ago. The book has beautiful pictures from out his career, and it has a quite useful overview of his work. A must have for all Lindberg fans.

torsdag 10. mars 2011

Inari krohn

This week i fell in love with the works of Inari Krohn, a Finnish artist born in 1945. Her paintings and etchings are AMAZING!