mandag 25. januar 2010

welcome to the dollhouse

I had forgotten how great this movie was. Despite my age of 26, i love this movie. I liked it years ago, and now i like it even more. Its funny how a teenage junior high school movie can be so fascinating for someone my age, but the character of Dawn Weiner, played by actress Heather Matarazzo, is someone i think alot of people can relate to. The movie portrays the harsh and sad reality of teenhood, and the high school years for someone unpopular, but Dawn is not the cliche bully victim. She fights back.
Please also take notice of the amazingly ugly fashion statements in the movie. its a real stunner! its so bad its almost...ALMOST good.

torsdag 21. januar 2010

I LOVE Minä Perhonen

You can buy books with Minä perhonen design from this website Selvedge books

Akira Minagawa, Manager and Chiefdesigner at ”Mina Perhonen”.

Im so in love with the Japanese fashion Label Minä Perhonen.
They design furnitures, textiles and clothes. The name Minä perhonen means "the butterfly" in Finnish, clearly inspired by Scandinavian design. I find that there is some fascinating link between japanese and Scandinavinan design. The clean lines and shapes. The light mellow colors and the soft shades. It reminds me of a quiet and still day out, surrounded by beautiful Scandinavian scenary and landscape. I love the quirky prints from the head designer and label founder Akira Minagawa. I want his print books now! and not to mention the Minä chair (seen abow). LOVE!

mandag 18. januar 2010

Golden Globes 2010 best dresses

Chloe Sevigny wearing Valentino at the Golden Globes. I love the fabric and the ruffles. The poor girl got it ripped at stage. One of the presenters stepped on the expensive dress. Must be hard to be a celebrity on the red carpet....sigh!
Drew Barrymore at the 67th Annual Golden Globes wearing a Atelier Versace nude gown . So vintage pretty!

lørdag 16. januar 2010

creatures of comfort

Opening ceremony cardigan from creatures of comfort. The design is apperently by Chloe Sevigny. No wonder its such a cool cardi.
love these pants from creatures of comfort. So hot! Very Annie Hall. Just discovered this website this evening, while surfing the web. The shop has got some great stuff by diffrent designers, but its pricey.

My totebag design

Check out my totebagdesign and get one for yourself. You can also see my website odinadesign.

onsdag 6. januar 2010

camilla engman

Swedish artist and illustrator Camilla Engman is worth checking out. What an amazing artist she is! I have decided to buy one of her 2010 calenders from her webshop . Her experimenting with diffrent materials and medias is impressive. I realy admire her expressive and playful style. She also has the coolest house and dog. See her blog and get inspired!

tirsdag 5. januar 2010

knitwear obsession

I was never the type to like wool jumpers or sweaters. In fact i still itch just thinking about wearing a wool turtleneck jumper, but i think for the first time in my life i have been bitten by the knitwear bug, because i have discovered some KICK ASS knitwear designs, by scandinavian designers Arne & Carlos.
They certainly have reinvented and modernized the old fashioned prints, and make it contemporary and hot. Thick, chunky and comfy sweaters to die for. This seasons must have!!!

topshop january wish list

Feast your eyes on this! new stuff from topshop and im is just not always fair, but at least i can put these items on my wish list:)

baby i´m a fool for jazz

Just wanted to mention two astonishing jazz singers, Norah Jones and Melody Gardot.
Their voices are just spell binding and there is nothing better then chilling to songs like "chasing pirates" and " baby i´m a fool".
Gets me through my working hours. I recommend getting spotify as soon as possible.

søndag 3. januar 2010

a room with a view

What keeps me going through the cold and dark Norwegian winter, is knowing that in march im going to Tuscany, italy. Being able to spend the first days of spring in Italy, where the sun shines, the birds sing, the landscape is breathtaking and the food is deliciously good. Its my kind of heaven, and i just cant wait! I will be counting the days....