torsdag 21. januar 2010

I LOVE Minä Perhonen

You can buy books with Minä perhonen design from this website Selvedge books

Akira Minagawa, Manager and Chiefdesigner at ”Mina Perhonen”.

Im so in love with the Japanese fashion Label Minä Perhonen.
They design furnitures, textiles and clothes. The name Minä perhonen means "the butterfly" in Finnish, clearly inspired by Scandinavian design. I find that there is some fascinating link between japanese and Scandinavinan design. The clean lines and shapes. The light mellow colors and the soft shades. It reminds me of a quiet and still day out, surrounded by beautiful Scandinavian scenary and landscape. I love the quirky prints from the head designer and label founder Akira Minagawa. I want his print books now! and not to mention the Minä chair (seen abow). LOVE!

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