søndag 20. november 2011

Skinny laMinx

I needed some new colorful pillow cases so desperately, and when i saw these i knew it was just what i needed. I want colorful pop-out pillows in my livingroom to brighten up my dark couch. I love her prints! Check her out on etsy: skinny laMinx

mandag 14. november 2011


Nothing better then finding a small indie shop treasure online. I found this cute little shop with loads of goodies just waiting to be bought:-) MR KITLY
esp loving the minä perhonen bags!

posters i need

oh wow fell in love with the posters on Banquet Atelier & workshop.
My favorites are the Marine animals poster and the Boreal forest poster. WOW!

Bengt og Lotta

loving the fun and colorful drawing and patterns from Bengt og Lotta. It just puts a big smile on my face! loving the swedish way......

lørdag 12. november 2011

forestbound bags of joy

loving the minimalistic bag designs from Forestbound.

Garnett jewelry

Unique and fine jewelry from Garnett jewelry.

Tsumori chisato

beautiful dress from designer Tsumori Chisato.


I love this Norwegian online interior shop Bolina. They stock up on alot of modern and trendy brands.
Here are some of the things i wanna buy there.

i´m sorry for the long blog break

Hello! i want to apologize for my long blogging break. It´s just been crazy times with work and my first pregnancy has been occupying my mind. I will try and start over again with more frequent blogging. There are just so many beautiful things out there i want to tell you about. Hopefully you will give me a second chance:-)