søndag 31. oktober 2010

blog of the week

i have to say the best blog of the week is "Daily style diary, by Lynn". Its made by the Danish fashion blogger Lynn. i just love it. She has the best taste in clothing, style and fashion. Such an inspiration. Thank you lynn. we love you. All pictures by lynn. See her blog here.

movie of the week

Watched the movie "Coco avant Chanel" (coco before chanel) with the always beautiful Audrey Tatou today. Such an inspiring movie about being true to yourself. To go your own way nomatter what people might think of you. The clothes are absolutely stunning and the actors are wonderful. Fell absolutely in love with the love scenes between Coco and Boy. The handsame actor playing "Boy" is the talented american actor; Alessandro Nivola.....*swoooon*.
Now i admire Coco Chanel even more. A true heroine of her days. Respect!

i sense a chanel obsession developing:)

torsdag 28. oktober 2010

antique heaven

Portmeirion. Made in England.

My latest passion and hobby is collecting porcelain antiques. Mainly swedish and scandinavian designs, like Upsala ekeby/ gefle, Rørstrand, figgjo, and gustavsberg. Lately i have been browsing all kinds of fleamarkets in Bergen and Os in Norway, aswell as antique fairs. It`s the biggest rush! i feel so lucky to have found these treasures. The marimekko plate is brand new, and is bought online. unfornuately quite expensive, but so beautiful. The white hen decoration bowl is made in England.
The cute salt and pepper shaker figurines are not signed, so i am not sure what label they are. Some say they are from Gustavsberg and some say they are from porsgrund porselen. Does anyone know?

knitwear wanted

Reiss Pippin

By Malene Birger
Reiss Pippin
urban outfitters.co.uk

its autumn...the winter is closeby and i want to fill up my wardrobe with the nicest knitted jumpers and cardigans. Here are some favorites....