søndag 27. februar 2011


i like some of the work by Bitossi, the italian pottery design label, and
i just recently bought one rimini blue bird for my mother for her birthday.


i am having a serious teapot phase. i love this design from Arabia Finland.

black swan

Its the Oscars tonight and i wanted to dedicate my next post to The Black Swan. I still have not seen it, but i just have this feeling i will love it. I already fell in love with the filmposters. I dont know who made them, but they look fabulous. Does anyone know who made them?

marimekko ofcourse

This is my latest purchase: a teapot. i cant wait to get it home:) beautiful isent it?
It`s marimekko ofcourse.

ripe plums are falling

fredag 18. februar 2011

♥ Finn Juhl

Such beautiful shapes and colors. im blinded by love.
Danish furniture design from Finn Juhl.

ps: if anyone knows the name of the painter who made the one of the woman with yellow top in the background, i would be very greatful to know. thank you

Norwegian design i ♥ no. 4

New Norwegian designer to look out for: Veronica Vallenes.
Pictures from her website and Dagbladet.no

blue valentine

i have been spening my friday evening watching " Blue Valentine". The movie it self is ok. Not the greatest of love stories, but i am totally blown away by the gorgeous Ryan Gossling and Michelle Williams. Beautiful couple....*sigh*
They make the whole movie all worth watching.
ps: ryan ....that smile..ohh my god!