tirsdag 20. desember 2011

limited works

Susann Pönisch

Susann Pönisch
Damien Tran
Susann Pönisch

Inka Järvinen
Mathias Malling Mortensen

GREAT site to find unique one of a kind prints ---> limited works
love the art by Susann Poenisch, Inka Järvinen, Damien Tran, and Mathias Malling Mortensen.

søndag 18. desember 2011

saana ja olli

finnish design i salute you!
i am forever greatful to the finns for making such beautiful pieces of design...my latest love is saana ja olli.
The photos are from their website.
Now dont you just want to buy it all?.......

topshop cravings

I still cant come to grips with the fact that topshop stopped shipping to Norway because of some idiot in Norway who claims to own the brand name topshop and doesnt want to sell it (he could have made a fortune! and noone has even heard of his stupid so-called topshop in norway). I still cant stop browsing through their online shop though, dreaming about the topshop beauties i cannot buy. Torture i say! topshop i miss you.
Here are some beautiful topshop knits.......*sigh*

too pretty

oh i love these. Its by spencer studio.

Stine Goya & Sophie Bille Brahe

What an exciting collaboration jewelry project.
Never been a fan of real horses, but i LOOOVE these beautiful creations by danish designers: Stine Goya and Sophie Bille Brahe. I´m saving up cash to buy the large horse ring myself as id love to have a collection of beautiful jewelries. This ring is stunning! You can buy them here. Please leave one for me!

søndag 20. november 2011

Skinny laMinx

I needed some new colorful pillow cases so desperately, and when i saw these i knew it was just what i needed. I want colorful pop-out pillows in my livingroom to brighten up my dark couch. I love her prints! Check her out on etsy: skinny laMinx

mandag 14. november 2011


Nothing better then finding a small indie shop treasure online. I found this cute little shop with loads of goodies just waiting to be bought:-) MR KITLY
esp loving the minä perhonen bags!

posters i need

oh wow fell in love with the posters on Banquet Atelier & workshop.
My favorites are the Marine animals poster and the Boreal forest poster. WOW!

Bengt og Lotta

loving the fun and colorful drawing and patterns from Bengt og Lotta. It just puts a big smile on my face! loving the swedish way......