søndag 27. desember 2009

i want it and i want it now

im lusting for great fashion buys as usual. Id realy love a real vintage breton stipe wool jumper for winter, and i would have love to own a classic audrey hepburn dress like this one from
suzannah, but the price is daunting. I need to get rich NOW....damn it!

film must sees winter 2009-2010

1. New York i love you.
There is no secret that i love New york and i love movies set in New York. There can never be too many movies about this city. Looking forward to see it with u sis ina.

2. A Single Man
Being the big Colin Firth obsessor and fan that i am, this is clearly a must see of the season.
Nomatter how old this man gets, he still takes my breath away...*sigh*
Apart from his good looks, he actually won the award of best actor at the film festival in Venice in 2009 for the role of George in " A single man". Rumour has it, he will win the oscars next year.
The only downside is to share this man with Hollywood...

marimekko madness

god i love marimekko prints and clothing.
Here are some of my fave choices from new and previous collections.
check out: marimekko.

chasing florals

The film " edge of love", is a great inspiration for tea dresses and wool cardigans.
The movie itself is not the best, but you gotta love the fashion and the stunning Wales scenaries.

I had no idea it was so hard to find THE PERFECT FLORAL TEA DRESS. The print choice is significant. Not too big. Not too bright. The length should be just beneath the knees to flatter the legs. Wearing it with black tights and a skinny fit leather vintage jacket or maybe a black fitted blazer. The romantic meets the dark and mysterious.
Here are some finds yet my search for the perfect tea dress carries on....

lørdag 5. desember 2009

tirsdag 1. desember 2009

london here i come

Today its really happening! i just booked a trip to my favourite city in the world. My second home. The city of my dreams. I HEART LONDON!
i am off to promote my work as an illustrator and im hoping to get represented in some of the illustration agencies in London. My fave agency is illustrationweb. Fingers and toes crossed!
Im leaving on the 22th of february 2010! woohooo......