fredag 31. desember 2010

julegaver ♥

Almedahl "picknick" set of large tray and teatowel/cloth. LOVE! thank you Ina! You know me the best.

Marimekko coffee mug of my dreams. Thank you Margrete!!! You made my day.

Norwegian sweethearts: Arne & carlos. Book: Julekuler.

These got to be my favorite xmas gifts this year. I am indeed very happy! Thank you !!

torsdag 23. desember 2010

Norwegian design i ♥ no. 3

Cato. A hook for clothing and misc. Very Norwegian with the elk/moose theme. It comes in natural wood and in white. Buy it from purnorsk.
NB: photos from purnorsk.

Christmas gift

My last purchase was received today the 23th of dec in the post. My christmas gift to myself. My very own Donna wilson creature, the cute Rosie birdie:)

søndag 19. desember 2010

Norwegian design i ♥ no. 2

I don´t think their label name quite fits the designs, Ugly children clothing. In fact their children clothes is just the opposite. Love the traditional norwegian patterns that has turned new and modern. Makes me proud to be Norwegian.

Bold & Noble

For those of you who still don´t know about Bold & Noble, well then prepare yourself for these funky designs. They make the coolest modern graphic maps and prints based on typography, and of course i had to get myself a map of my second home, The British isles. its perfect:)

lørdag 11. desember 2010

norwegian design that i ♥ no.1

i mainly prefer swedish, finnish and danish design over the norwegian. Sadly! but i want to give my fellow brothers and sisters from Norway a chance, so i decided to make a top 10 best norwegian designs (in no particular order), and the first one i want to blog about are these BEAUTIFUL sheep "gyngesau" rocking toy for children. They are just so pretty. which color do you prefer? white or grey?
its sold in this norwegian shop called Purnorsk.
The pictures are from their website.
Not quite sure about the designer behind it. does anyone know?

tirsdag 7. desember 2010

norwegian wood lamp

i love this Cathrine Kullberg´s "Norwegian Forest Table Light". Beautiful crafted details with a warm yellow light for cold winter nights. It shows a deep pine forest. You can buy it from my favorite online shop: Huset-shop. An online heaven with scandinavian design treats. You will love it.
pictures from: Huset-shop.