tirsdag 3. januar 2012

Carine Brancowitz

Amazing illustrations from Carine Brancowitz.


Gustavsberg: salix bowl. Buy here.

Arabia finland: Sinilintu teacup by Raija Uosukkinen. Buy here.

Gustavsberg /stig lindberg: Berså butter dish. Buy here.

Stavangerflint coffee/espresso cups and saucer. Buy here.

Gefle upsala ekeby teacups and saucers. Buy here.

Stavangerflint serving bowl. Buy here.

I love scandinavian mid century second hand pottery and fabrics, and i have now created a little etsy shop with second hand ceramics and pottery from Scandinavian for you to buy!
I hope u find something you like:-) more to come!

You can shop on my etsy shop here.

søndag 1. januar 2012

Brass cleo table lamp

Brass Cleo table lamp i want you. I have a serious lamp fetish craving and i want this one...sigh......
You can get it at Crate & Barrel.

some beauties on sale

stine goya bloom dress

Acne Dorah Jacquard knit

Christian Wijnants kika pullover

Not that i can afford it, not even on sale, but if you can, here are some beautiful clothes on sale at Creatures of comfort. Loving esp the stine goya dress.....