mandag 25. januar 2010

welcome to the dollhouse

I had forgotten how great this movie was. Despite my age of 26, i love this movie. I liked it years ago, and now i like it even more. Its funny how a teenage junior high school movie can be so fascinating for someone my age, but the character of Dawn Weiner, played by actress Heather Matarazzo, is someone i think alot of people can relate to. The movie portrays the harsh and sad reality of teenhood, and the high school years for someone unpopular, but Dawn is not the cliche bully victim. She fights back.
Please also take notice of the amazingly ugly fashion statements in the movie. its a real stunner! its so bad its almost...ALMOST good.

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  1. ahhh thank you stéphanie!:) That made my day. i will hopefully update it more often from now on, so more to come:)